Relief from Chiropractic Care after 2 Back Surgeries

Dear Interested Patients,

If you are looking for a quick adjustment for your back or a quick fix for your pain, you can stop reading now.  If you are committed to feeling better and are willing to work hard, keep reading.  You’re in the right place.  Here is my story.

I have a history of back pain.  I had 2 back surgeries and a third operation for nerve pain in my left leg.  I had intermittent pain and had become afraid that too much movement would re-injure my back.  Work was a challenge and exercise was non- existent.  Although I was functioning, I had lost a lot in terms of my lifestyle because of pain and fear.  Consequently, my confidence in myself had suffered as well.

A year and a half ago, I came to Dr. Jamie for a consultation.  I was skeptical of chiropractors due to poor experiences in the past but I had a recommendation from a good and trustworthy friend.  The consultation was covered by insurance and was also very reasonably priced.  What I discovered in Jamie was a talented doctor who wanted to help me get better.  After a detailed and extensive consultation and x-rays, Jamie gave me her evaluation and treatment plan.  I decided to sign on.

Dr. Jamie  was clear that my role and willingness to take responsibility in healing would be key.  We were both equally motivated and committed to increasing my strength and functioning and decreasing my pain.  We set to work.

I met Jamie frequently for adjustments and did the assigned home stretching and exercises.  As the months progressed,  my pain was decreasing. I was moving with more confidence and less fear, particularly my back. My posture was becoming tall and strong.  Jamie’s upbeat disposition and positive attitude was contagious.  Her confidence and skillful treatment were reaping tangible benefits.

I’ve been working with Dr. Jamie now for one and a half years.  I am moving and functioning well without pain because of her consistent and intelligent care. I had no idea of the gains I would make when I first walked into Dr. Jamie’s office.  I have a renewed confidence in my health and my body and it’s ability to move and function well.  I am lifting my grandchildren without thinking, exercising regularly without pain and even shoveled snow throughout our worst winter ever.  When I do have a set back, it is short lived.  Unexpected benefits of my chiropractic care include fewer sinus infections and increased energy.  The negative effects of back pain, surgeries and frozen muscles have all but been erased.

Dr. Jamie is one in a million. She is a talented doctor who loves her job and is obviously dedicated to making people feel better.  If you have pain in your back, neck or somewhere in your spine, I hope you’ll come and meet Dr. Jamie.  I know she will be honest and thorough and most likely, with your commitment, she will turn your pain and fear into comfort and strength.  I hope you’ll come and see for yourself!

Thank you for reading!  

- Laurie