Our Approach

At Aligned for Life Chiropractic, we believe our success comes from the broad and diverse community in which we work. We pride ourselves on engaging with local organizations such as Rotary International, Beverly Bootstraps, Endicott College, Beverly High School and many more to spread the message of the importance of a lifestyle that celebrates health and wellness.


sound byte series | Education

Video Series: Answers to Patients Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

Tune in to the first of our Sound Byte Series! Dr. Jamie answers one of the most frequently asked question of chiropractors: "Does a Chiropractic adjustment hurt?

WHEN should i go?

Next up in our Sound Byte Series: Dr. Jamie talks frequency! How often should you be adjusted? Tune in and find out!


Next up in our Sound Byte Series: Back Stretches! Dr. Jamie gives her take on the best exercises to help keep your spine healthy and flexible.


Video Series: The Intersection of Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy

Getting Pregnant

The Webster Technique

Labor & Delivery


Community workshops

Dr. Engel provides a variety of community health workshops that are fun and interactive! Patients are always encouraged to attend these workshops and all guests are welcomed. The Aligned for Life team also offers remote workshops at offices, non-profit organizations and municipal buildings that are interested in offering their staff, students or members insights on chiropractic care and health and wellness-related topics. 

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The strength of our business comes from the relationships we build with our clients along the way. There's something magical about referrals that take a business to the next level of benefits for their clients. We have included some samples of satisfied customers below.


Client: Army Service Member

“[The] office has transformed me back to “normal.” I was plagued with injuries from a smashed head to a helicopter crash in Afghanistan to a bad a car accident all the way up to an IED explosion…. I have had headaches since I was 19 while in the Army stationed in South Korea…

...I smashed my head…had a few hemorrhages in the old brain. Headaches started ever since and now they’re gone! Dr. Jamie is great with the kids. They have changed tremendously too. If you are skeptical about going to the Chiropractor, come to Dr. Jamie first!”

Client: 'MG'

“I would absolutely recommend Dr. Jamie! Not only have I seen unreal changes in my body function (more energy, better sleep, less frequent headaches), not to mention the obvious change in my x-rays, but also have had the pleasure to meet and befriend a doctor who so thoroughly cares about her patients’ wellbeing...

...She shares books, introduces supplements, writes blogs about questions/concerns… she has brought together a community of people who want to be their best (and she’ll do everything to help you achieve that goal) and for that I am eternally grateful!"

Client: Torie F.

“Where do I start? I have more energy. I feel more awake and alert. My body doesn’t hurt & ache like it used to. I’m less stressed which is crazy! I’m sleeping so much better! I would recommend everyone to go see Dr. Jamie...

...When I fell at the beginning of this week & got whiplash & a bump to the head, customers were pushing prescription pain meds and asking me why I didn’t see the [medical doctor]. I told them I went to my Chiropractor & it’s already a million times better. I’m trying to make a believer out of everyone I meet because I have never felt better!”