10 Tips on How to Beat the Winter Blues

With a big winter storm predicted to come in this weekend, stress levels among our community are at a high whether you are in line at a grocery store, stuck in traffic, getting your house ready, or waiting to fill up at a gas station. It is important to remember to count our blessings and have some fun. This blog was written to help you remember how fun the winter can be. Enjoy!

Dr. Jamie Engel’s 10 Tips on How to Beat the Winter Blues!

1. Try a winter sport: Ski, snowboard, cross-country, snow shoe, ice climb… get out there and have fun! Never done it before??? Take a lesson! There is no substitute to sun on your face and fresh air even in the winter. Movement is a nutrient just like food. Your body needs it to be healthy. Motion in your spine stimulates your brain and keeps it healthy! The endorphins also cheer you up! Keep moving even in the cold! Stay tuned for a healthy movement workshop at Aligned for Life Chiropractic.

2. Watch a Comedy Show or a Funny movie: Laughter is an amazing therapy. Did you know there is such a thing as laughter therapy? Laughter therapy is shown to help with muscle tension, stress hormones, immunity, and it’s just plain silly! The way we think actually creates physiological change throughout our entire body. Don’t believe me? How did you feel the first time you saw the love of your life? Remember how your heart rate increased, your hands got sweaty, etc. That’s because those thoughts promoted physical change. That’s why positive thinking (ie. laughter) is so important!

3. Bust out an old board game: When was the last time you played Monopoly or Scrabble? Old games are just as fun now as they were when you were a kid. It’s good to get away from the computer and TV especially on a snow day. Want to get out of the house? Bring the game to a local café or coffee shop!

4. Try a New Recipe:  This is the perfect time of year to try some new soups and stews. Most of which can be frozen and eaten throughout the week as a quick meal. Making soups from scratch is ridiculously easy and much healthier than any canned product. Studies have shown that people who spend more time cooking are less likely to suffer from obesity.

5. Make a Snowman: You are never too old to make Frosty! Become a kid again! Get creative! How about a snow bear or bunny? Dress him up as a Bruins fan or use an old Halloween costume. Have fun! With the nor’easter this weekend, there may be plenty of snow to play with!

6. Get a chiropractic adjustment: Did you know the chiropractic adjustment travels the same neurological pathway in the brain as a happy thought??? I have actually had many patients notice mood improvements while under regular chiropractic care.  It also keeps your immune system working strong by decreasing your stress levels (see my blog on Chiropractic and the Immune System). This is why many of our patients just don’t get sick as often. 

7. Make a Dream Board: What would your dream house look like? How about the car you’ve always wanted? What place would you love to travel to? Cut out pictures of them and put them on the board. Put it up on your wall and remember it can come true! Positive thoughts, such as reminding yourself of your dreams, are great for whole body health. Set some goals! 

8. Go to an Open Mic or local artist show: Remember how great music was before all the production work became main stream. There are great local venues right here in Beverly or your local town with local artists performing their hearts out. Plus, it’s free or much lower cost than any city venue! Music stimulates the brain.

9. Try a Zumba class:  My old assistant used to call it an “hour spasm.” Seriously though, it’s super fun! A great way to boost the endorphins and warm you right up! Like I stated above, keeping your body moving keeps your brain stimulated and your whole body healthy. Zumba classes keep your heart healthy by increasing your heart rate. It’s also a great way to meet people. 

10. Learn an instrument: It is never too late to pick up an instrument and learn how to play. It keeps your brain healthy and decreases stress. There are excellent instructors out there ready to help you learn!

Hope everyone stays warm and safe this weekend! Take care!

Dr. Jamie