What is Subluxation? Your Power is On!


As the electrician was working on my power today, I thought about how we often take for granted the simple luxuries we have in everyday life like having power. Power is what runs our communities and keeps us functioning. The electricity in your body is no different. It is the source of communication, your innate intelligence, and keeps all your cells, tissues and organs communicating properly. On that note, I hope you enjoy this blog.

There’s an old chiropractic saying “Your power is on!” I say it to patients after their adjustments; a saying that easily goes back to the early 1900’s. As chiropractors, we adjust misalignments of the spine called vertebral subluxations. Vertebral subluxations, now recognized in scientific journals like Clinical Neurophysiology, are misalignments of the spine that interfere with the nervous system. As most of us know, the brain is the hard drive of the body controlling every cell, tissue and organ. The nervous system is basically the telephone line, the central communication line, from the brain to the body and back. It is scientific fact that this communication in your body is the basis of your health and vitality. The term “subluxation” translates from the Latin root as “sub” which is “less than” and “luxation” which means “light/energy.” Subluxation interferes with the energy, the lifeline, in the body.

Now there are two places I can diverge here. In Eastern medicine, they refer to the lifeline as “Qi” or energy in the body. I love learning about Eastern medicine! There is so much to be said by it. On the other hand, my science background pipes in and goes into the importance of a well-functioning nervous system. Vertebral subluxation neurologically puts a stress response on the entire body by interfering with brain function. So think about it this way, let’s say I eat the healthiest, organic, fresh off the farm food but my spine has never been adjusted by a chiropractor. The nerves throughout my body are stressed. Can we digest food well when our systems are stressed out??? Of course not!

Some people think: I don’t have back pain so why would I need to see a chiropractor?

Well, what if I said, I don’t have tooth pain so I don’t need to see a dentist. Or even better, I don’t have a skin infection so why do I need to shower or wash my clothes. Gross right? If I had never saw a dentist for my thirty year existence and no one taught me how to brush and floss, what would my teeth look like? Decay? Rot? Degeneration? Lucky if I have teeth??? Exactly! Those are spines I see everyday! Spines that are literally rotting away without the patient knowing it! Now, there are even studies out there illustrating the link between spinal rot and brain rot! Yikes!

As my lights went back on in my office, I could not help to think of all those people out there whose bodies are living like my new office. How dim the expression of light is in so many bodies out there. How subluxated people are. Though just like my office, light can be turned back on. If we get our bodies adjusted and learn how to live healthier lives, our health will come back. If a room is dark, you add light. You can not make a room light by taking out the dark. If a body is sick, you add health not just take out the sickness. It’s never too late to bring full light back into your body!

How do you know if you have subluxation?

A chiropractic examination is the best way to find out if you are a good candidate for care. Once again, it’s NEVER too late to bring health back into your body.

On that note, our office is now accepting new patients. We are located at 317 & 319 Rantoul Street in Beverly, MA 01915. Give us a call and we will schedule you for a full examination. Let’s bring health back into your body! Get aligned for life!