Beverly Family Chiropractor screens local community at North Shore Mall in Peabody, MA

Free chiropractic consultations at North Shore Mall in Peabody, MA

Free chiropractic consultations at North Shore Mall in Peabody, MA

Beverly Family Chiropractor, Dr. Jamie Engel from Aligned for Life Chiropractic is doing free health checks at North Shore Mall for the month of January. Come by to meet the doctor, have your posture checked, and take advantage of our new patient specials!

Dr. Jamie Engel will be checking the local community and educating them about the effects of vertebral subluxation on whole body health. Because poor posture is linked to an unhealthy spine and nervous system, Dr. Engel will be giving free posture evaluations for any mall attendees to help them learn how they can achieve better health in 2013 and beyond!

Have you made a New Years resolution to take better care of yourself in 2013! Maybe get fit by joining a gym or eating a healthier diet? How about starting the New Year with a healthier spine and nervous system.  There is no better or easier way to jump start your health than with a healthier spine and nervous system!

The nervous system controls every cell, tissue and organ in your body. Research has shown that Vertebral Subluxations, or small misalignments of the vertebral joints, ignite a stress response throughout your entire body. That’s why chiropractic adjustments can improve many symptoms besides aches and pains, including but not limited to digestion, circulation, and even stress!

Are you a good candidate for chiropractic care? Stop by the North Shore Mall in Peabody, MAand find out today.

What does this free screening include?

1. A Free Consultation with the doctor: Does your child have health problems? Do you have symptoms and wonder if chiropractic care is appropriate for you? The doctor will be available to answer all your questions about your health and how chiropractic may help you!

2. Weight imbalance: The doctor will check if your body favors one side by putting you on two scales. One scale will be under your left foot and the other under your right foot. Any weight shift bigger than 5lbs is abnormal. Children should always be even. If you put a ten pound block on one side of your car, what would happen to the wheels and tires on one side? It will wear and tear faster on the side of increased pressure. Biomechanically, this is what happens on one side of your body. Poor biomechanic pressure on one side of the body can result in abnormal stress in the spine, hips, knees, etc. making the body more prone to disc problems and degeneration. It is important to maintain equal weight balance in your body. Do you have a abnormal weight shift causing problems throughout your body?

3. Posture check: The doctor will also check your posture. She will look for level shoulders, level hips and head in the center of your shoulders. Any deviation from this normal posture is a big indicator of subluxation. If your posture is crooked, your spine is probably crooked as well! Look in the mirror. Is your posture crooked?

4. If the doctor finds indicators of vertebral subluxation, she will strongly recommend further examination in the office. For mall clients only, she is offering a full examination at a specially discounted rate. Unfortunately discounts can not be given to Medicare patients. Terms and conditions may apply.

The North Shore Mall in Peabody MA. hours are 11am to 6pm on Sundays and 10am-9pm Monday to Saturday. We will be doing screenings every weekend for the month of January. Our team will also be at the mall at specific times during the week. If you don’t catch us at the mall why not stop by our office at 317-319 Rantoul Street Beverly MA. or call for a free chiropractic consultation 978-969-6105.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing your health goals for 2013. I will answer any questions regarding your future health!


Dr. Jamie